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Cartage means CARAT, the measurement used to weigh a diamond. One Carat= 200 milligrams, or 0.2 grams. 142 carats adds up to one ounce. Carats are further divided into points.

The price of a diamond will constantly rise proportionately to the size of the stone. The larger diamonds are very rare and have a greater value per carat. For example when discussing points, remember that a one-carat diamond will cost much more than a 95 pointer.

Carat Points
1 carat = 100 points
3 1/4 carat = 75 points
1/2 carat = 50 points
1/4 carat = 25 points
Melee Less than 0.15

The word carat is taken from the perfectly matched carob seeds that were once used in ancient times to balance scales by merchants. So uniform and symmetrical in shape and weight are these little seeds that even today's sophisticated and complicated devices cannot detect more than three one-thousandths of a difference between them.

The truth about diamonds is that size is sought after, naturally; but overall quality is the determining factor in the end. There is a balance of size and quality that makes up much of the artistic nuance of a professional gemologist or gem cutter. It is the cutter's job to produce a gorgeous lavish diamond, while giving the consumer the highest Carat Weight for their money.

Only a fifth of all rough diamonds mined are suitable for gem cutting. Rough diamonds is the raw material that a cutter works with.

The cutter must follow precise set of formulas to cut each popular stone shape. A diamond shape doesn't greatly affect a stone's worth. The cutter's skill is ultimately the determining factor in maintaining and preserving the infinite beauty of a diamond. He must maintain its size and value while creating each original diamond.

When the certificate is acquired, the professional evaluation will give you the diamond's exact measurement and weight, as well as the details of its other attributes, cut and quality. For exact authenticity, this analysis must always be done in an accredited laboratory.

NOTE: Carat is a measurement of WEIGHT not SIZE the overall diameter (mm) could differ even if it appears to be bigger or smaller, the carat weight is correct.

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