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M. Suresh Company Private Limited. is the flagship firm of the M. Suresh Group - a leading business group that has been building a strong global presence in the Jewelry business.

M. Suresh Company Private Limited. has been a leading diamond manufacturer, importer and exporter of cut and polished diamonds since 1968. Presently, the firm exports to USA, Europe, Japan, South East Asia, Israel, UAE & Canada.

The phenomenal growth curve over the last three and a half decades has been the result of the focused evolution of the firm's operations into an exemplary diamond-processing unit. With a strong commitment to technological development, the firm has adapted extremely modern state of the art machinery and processing to achieve flawless cut & polish of diamonds.

M. Suresh Company Private Limited. is the Govt. Recognized Trading House and The Diamond Trading Company Sight holder since 1993.

The four decades of the firm's operations have been witness to strategic expansions into newer avenues, and a continuous exploration of more contemporary channels, as pioneers of a radical desired change in diamond processing.

Its endeavor has always been to constantly innovative ways to improve systems at all levels. Relentless research is the basis for continued improvement of the product, as a means to optimal satisfaction for the client. M. Suresh Company Private Limited. is known for its flawless cut, consistency in assortment and for its commitment to stringent quality and perfection.

With the world becoming more competitive with better communications, quality has become the defining factor for the consumers today. With this perspective, M. Suresh Company Private Limited. has established a grading system that would create sustained confidence of the consumers of this millennium. The system also will help the clients in the selection of their specified requirements.

M. Suresh Company Private Limited. has completed the successful integration of purchasing, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Programs for continued improvement in our manufacturing facilities - both in the use of technology and the training of our people- are a constant factor in the organization.

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